Project Veer Gatha Edition 2 Class 6 – 8

Date-8 October 2022


The Veer Gatha project aims to raise awareness about the brave acts and sacrifices of the Gallantry Award winners among school students. In order to disseminate the details of acts of bravery and the life stories of these brave hearts among the students, the Central Board of Secondary Education has launched the Veer Gatha Project where students of ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL KIRKEE PUNE on 8 October 2022 i.e Saturday participated in a plethora of activities to prepare projects in the form of poems, essays, stories and paintings on the lives of gallantry award winners. To ensure that students understand the sacrifices and the bravery of these veterans, a motivational and inspirational session was also organised by the Arts and Language teachers.

From each category one student had been selected and the works were uploaded on the CBSE website.



Report on Cyber Awareness


Date:- 10th October  ,2022

Timing:- 10.10 am – 1.30 pm


In this digital world, where children are increasingly wired to social media and the internet, the concerns of cyber security, cyber bullying, cyber hygiene are pertinent. With this notion, APS KIRKEE, PUNE hosted an interactive session by Vaibhavi Bandal and Mitali Kamble from MIT ASC, College. They were volunteering for cyber security warriors of QUICK HEAL FOUNDATION. The session was conducted in two phases where they interacted with the students, The kids were told about the legal aspects of accessing the internet like the legal age, ethics and rules of using social media and gaming. The parents and students were advised to handle real and virtual life judiciously. The audience were introduced to various terminologies like Cyber Bullying, hacking, fishing, cloning, data theft, digital frauds and grooming. The difference between ethical hacking and hacking was clarified to the audience and the consequences of Digital Personification were told.

The session was concluded by sharing some tips for safe internet surfing. Internet is a technology, not a toy and we should harness it carefully. Your safety is in your hands. Stay alert, stay safe!


Report on Picnic



Just education is not enough, children must have sunshine, freedom, and playtime


Venue:- 30/31, Khopoli-Pali Road, State Highway 92, Off Mumbai-Pune Express Way, Sangdewadi, Khopoli, Maharashtra 410206, India

Date:- 18th October  ,2022

Timing:- 7.30 am – 8.30 pm



Our school APS KIRKEE is renowned for imparting all round quality education to its pupils.  Among other activities, regular school picnics are being organized for all classes. Recently one such trip to Imagica Theme Park for the students of class VI to VIII, was organized on 18th October ,2022.


On 18th October ‘s beautiful morning the cheerful, excited, and curious young minds travelled to the location in conveyance organized by the school.  They were accompanied by their teachers and other school staff.


IMAGICA is a one of its kind destination picnic spots with plethora of entertainment. Rides were so exciting and thrilling that children may not want to leave the spot. Every child was given an opportunity to participate and enjoy themselves in the rides like Nitro, deep space, dare drop, scream machine and many more.


After a long and exhilarating ride, the students settled down to partake of the fulsome refreshments arranged by the school. The joy de virre of the students had to be seen to be believed.  Even the teachers felt rejuvenated.

The school buses started homeward journey at about 6 p.m. At 8 :30 p.m. the buses entered the school campus. The parents had already been waiting for their children.

All in all, it was a wonderful and fun filled experience for the students. They are already looking forward to the next one.

                      DIYA DECORATION ACTIVITY

In order to bring out the creative talents of students and celebrate the Festival of Lights in its true spirit the Diya Decoration Activity for class 6-8 was held at Army Public School ,Kirkee on 15 October 2022.

The main objective of this activity was to explore the students’ imagination and creativity. Most of the students participated enthusiastically in the activity. They displayed their creativity by beautifully decorating earthen Diyas with colours and the works.

It was sheer pleasure and a great experience for all our students who were the reasons for making the event a great success.

Mime Activity

Life is a cycle and mime is particularly suitable for showing fluidity, transformation, metamorphosis. Words can keep people apart; mime can be a bridge between them.” ———— Marcel Marceau
Army Public School,Kirkee known for its innovative ideas, where all the students of Grade 6-8 had an opportunity to learn and explore themselves in the Mime Activity. We conducted a Mime Activity on 27 October 2022 in CCA Period

Mime is an art of portraying a character, mood, idea or narration by gestures and bodily movements.

The Activity was performed under the criteria official expressions, acting skills, presentation and the overall effects.

The students spellbound and enthralled the audience with their performance that displayed skills beyond their age. In as pan of a few minutes, each students captured the entire scenario assigned to him/her convincingly and professionally. Overall, it was a great show.

The budding theatre artists of Army Public School,Kirkee  fulfilled their roles to the fullest which makes everyone a winner.




A fire drill was conducted in the APS KIRKEE School on 11th November 11, 2022. All the students were instructed regarding the same as to how precaution should be taken and safety measures to be followed including reaching the nearest safety exits in a systematic manner without panic.

The fire fighters from the Kirkee cantonment board had come to demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers,also the use of fire brigade was demonstrated.

The role of fire fighters was appreciated as to how they risk their lives in order to save others. In the wilderness of the school, demonstration was given as to how to protect oneself from snakes. It was demonstrated in front of the students.

A vote of thanks was given to all concerned with special reference to the firefighting team for their valuable team.



Yoga Session at APS Kirkee

A School level Yoga Session was conducted at Army Public School, Kirkee on  15th Nov, 2022.   The session was conducted by Smt. Padmini Jog, wife of late Col. Pratap Jog. The session started at 8.15am. All students of classes 2-9 attended the hour-long session on the School Ground.

Smt. Padmini Jog had been a teacher by profession, and started a post retirement career as a Yoga trainer and practitioner. She has been practicing Yogasana and Pranayam for the last 30 years but after taking proper Teachers’ Training at Haridwar from Swami Ramdeoji Maharaj, she started educating the society in the field of Yoga. She has conducted over 561 Yoga workshops across the country and has done all of them for free of cost.

During the session, Smt. Jog kept all participants alert and active with her unique style of teaching. She demonstrated and explained few of the important Yogasanas like Bhadrasana, Kapal Bhati asana, Om Ucharana and Anulom Vilom to name a few. The right skills and strategies to do a particular asana were all focussed upon. The session conducted by Smt. Jog was a very relaxing and awakening session for all, students and teachers alike.