Holistic Personality Development (HPD) is an innovation in itself aiming at improving the quality and efficacy of teaching -learning process. It prepares us not only to learn but live up to the expectations of desirable learning outcomes. An attempt is made to make ourselves enter that true learning cannot happen in water fight compartments.

We at APS Kirkee strive for the overall development of the child, so that the child is prepared to face the future with confidence. It has been our motto to inculcate the values in the academic curriculum as well as in the co-scholastic activities. A new vision of educating children is required if they are to become successful in the future.

Core values like healthy competition among peers, humility, leadership, responsibility, self-discipline, empathy, tolerance ,critical thinking were covered under various levels.

Snippets from activities conducted during the ongoing session 2023-2024

Poster making competition on mental health


Core values- The personal qualities chosen to exhibit  actions, the sort of person, a student wants to be, the manner in which they treat themselves and others.


“Self-awareness doesn’t stop people from making mistakes, it allows you to learn from them”. Students of class 10th go through a lot of pressure from their surroundings. With the increase in responsibility, stress, anxiety, nervousness, and many more ambivalent feelings come their way during this phase of life.

Due to this reason, a counselor came up with an activity where students had been asked to represent methods of relaxation with the help of symbols when they feel stressed out.

As students explored similarities and differences by representing their methods of relaxation, the counselor noticed children developing pride in their sense of self.

EMPATHY- Students were informed about a small group activity to analyze the combination of skills required to deal with certain common situations in adolescent life.

The students were divided into 5-6 groups and asked to elect a leader who will present the group’s findings. Allocated to each group 3-5 situations and asked them to give three best tips that the group felt are required to handle/deal with the following situations. Gave 5 minutes to work.

Some illustrations of the situations:

  • To help a classmate who is getting low marks despite working hard.
  • To maintain friendship with a person who has recently had a sad incident/setback in his/her life.
  • To deal with a suggestion to bunk school and classes.


Core values – Brainstorming, leadership, dealing day-to-day challenges, interpersonal skills, critical-thinking and responsibility.


The stakeholders of Army Public School, Kirkee focused more to achieve this challenging task by developing students socially, emotionally, physically, mentally, and intellectually.


Yoga is an integral part of life to be healthy not only physically but also psychologically.

Drawing competition on Independence Day

Learning new skills – motivation and boosting self-confidence

Internal group activities – to inculcate the values such as tolerance, responsibility, teamwork and cooperation.



Values give our life meaning and purpose. Knowing our values allows us to make decisions.

We at APS Kirkee do our best to inculcate values among our children.

*We support one another by being kind.

* We treat each other with respect.

* We take care of one another.

* We think and act responsibly.

* We do our best each day.

Healthy Competition – APSK Kirkee is stressing on inculcating healthy competition among peers and students by conducting Inter House and Inter Class competitions. The children compete with each other in group as well as individual activities. They appreciate each other and consider participation a win in itself. We make sure that the students are learning from each other at all times and provide a conducive environment for the same.

Humility – We teach the children to be modest and look up to everyone as an inspiration. They volunteer to sweep and clean the classroom. They show respect to the helpers in our school. They even show their gratitude towards them by making thank-you cards for them. The students are not reluctant to do any kind of helping job; rather, they are more willing and accepting.

Leadership – We at APS Kirkee identify leaders and nurture them from a tender age for their future. We select badge holders and teach them to fulfill their responsibilities towards their respective Houses. Along with this, we have monitors in the classes under various categories, namely row monitors, cleanliness monitors, cupboard monitors, English cops, etc. The students imbibe these leadership qualities right from handling small tasks to bigger ones, learning to lead as fair leaders.

Responsibility – This is one of the most important skills among the core values. We at APS Kirkee believe in making children responsible by teaching them responsibilities through play, activities, and a well-structured curriculum. The students are given deadlines for group activities, which they accomplish by exhibiting their skills. The students are taught to take ownership of their own class, such as taking care of the class property, taking care of campus plants, being responsible in noticing some injustice, behaving responsibly in uncertain situations in school or outside school, and being interested in activities so that they are actively participating in the activities and showcasing their talent. Teachers create situations to allow the students to find out what is right and what is wrong. They are encouraged to do the right thing and develop a positive attitude. We make sure that the values imbibed are visible in their actions. The teachers teach these core values via their own exemplary behaviour.